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Exploration and Discovery


We tailor our approach to you and your business’s needs. Do you have a vision but you’re lacking a viable plan to get there? Are you conservative or a risk-taker? Are you cash flow negative or trying to determine where to best invest the cash that you have?


No matter where you’re at, we can help. We will complete an analysis to help you determine what data we can use and gather in order to provide you with the information you need to get where you want to go. This might include a cash flow analysis, a budget, a break-even analysis, or multi-situation financial model for your “what-ifs.”


Business Planning


The Business Plan!  Creating or revisiting the guide for your small business can help you:


  • Determine your next move, a push for growth or to exit?

  • Decide what to change or enhance

  • Re-focus on the entirety of the business

  • Compare your vision to your reality

  • Secure funding from investors and lenders

  • Manage and forecast cash flow

  • Communicate strategies with shareholders, partners, and boards of directors


Internal Processes and Procedures


There are a number of reasons that a business owner may want to streamline and document internal processes and procedures:


  • To simplify and standardize new hire training.

  • To help direct current staff on their current responsibilities and internal workflows.

  • To save time answering or clarifying questions from various team members.

  • To guide the workings of the overall organization.

  • To communicate and document significant changes within the organization.

  • To support secession planning.

  • To give business owners more time and flexibility in their days.


Putting processes and procedures in place to streamline the work that you and your team do can help you save time and improve your business’s bottom line. We value your time and you should too. 

Outsourced Accounting Department

We work with each of our clients to streamline accounting related processes using the most reliable and relevant online applications available to small businesses. We also work with our clients to complete an annual budget to assist with planning and analyzing financials on a monthly or quarterly basis.

From Accounts Payable processing to Financial Statement preparation and analysis, Lara and her team are ready to serve you. 


Training on QuickBooks Online


Lara and her team are advanced certified in QuickBooks Online (QBO). If you’ve moved over to cloud accounting via QuickBooks Online, we can provide you and your team with training on the use of the application.


If you prefer to maintain accounting functions in-house, we can help you maximize QBO to its fullest capacity and make recommendations in areas where you can enhance the work that you’re already doing. We customize our approach and material to your staff’s needs.


Ask us about subscribing to one of our Cloud Accounting Support Plans. These memberships provide you or your staff with phone or email support to answer your quick questions related to your day-to-day accounting tasks while using QBO.




Are you thinking about transitioning from desktop software to cloud accounting services or even implementing an accounting system from Excel or paper documents? We are here to help!


We will work with you to complete an analysis to determine the best transition plan for your business. Our goal is to provide you with an accounting system set up that will give you the most accurate and straightforward set of financial statements and analyses for your unique business operations.


Consultation and Coaching

Looking for more? Feel like you're missing something? Give us a call, we can provide a review of your current company files and provide you with recommendations on how we can improve your system and get you the financial data and reports that you need to make informed business decisions.

We want you to succeed. We will coach you through understanding the pertinent information you may need and give you the tools to understand the financial data that tells your business' financial story.



Strategic Business Consulting
Controller & Accounting Services
Training Support & Implementation
Accountin Records Review



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