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Your Trusted Fractional CFO
in Los Angeles

High-value CFO services for growth-oriented Los Angeles Businesses

L.A. Financial Management - Your Trusted Fractional CFO in Los Angeles

Charting the course toward business growth and profitability demands proper financial planning, analysis, and reporting, as these are at the core of efficient money management and better decision-making. To achieve this, your company needs a highly experienced CFO (Chief Financial Officer) to play the crucial and strategic role of streamlining your accounting and financial operations.

But what happens when you cannot hire a full-time CFO?

Here is where we, L.A. Financial Management, come into the picture as the trusted fractional CFO in Los Angeles. With us, you are assured of a new team member who, despite working as a part-time CFO, will provide the extra support required to put you on the track to profitability, sustainable growth, and long-term success.

Let's Solve The CFO Challenge for Your Los Angeles Business

A CFO is, in any company setting, a vital executive responsible for the overall financial health of a business. As such, at this level, you need a professional who can do more than master spreadsheets and generate figures, but one who understands your business needs and can offer strategic guidance and financial insights that will propel your business to a new level.


Unfortunately, for too long, it has been hard to find the right balance between having such an all-important executive in your team and avoiding the classic mistake of hiring a full-time CFO too early and struggling to keep them on a payroll.

This is a common challenge that most growing businesses in Los Angeles experience, especially when they need to hire a CFO to help them strengthen performance, raise capital, support strategic initiatives, and mitigate risks that could hamper growth.

Luckily, this does not have to be the case anymore when you can have a Los Angeles fractional CFO fill up this role and fulfill all requirements within an acceptable budget. And since 2016, this has been our expertise, providing outsourced CFO services to businesses that need tailored solutions that will unlock their potential.

High-Value Fractional CFO services: Fully Tailored Finance Executive Support

Our fractional CFOs offer the full spectrum of what you would get when you hire an in-house CFO, and this covers a broad range of services that fall into these major categories:

Oversight of all Financial Functions

One of the ways in which we provide exceptional value is through the wide range of features that we offer. Our team created them to provide every customer with the best possible experience. Explore some of the main features below, and please get in touch to receive additional information.

Custom Financial Reporting & Compliance Matters

It is never enough to have access to your company's financial books, as you need to understand what the numbers mean and their impact on your operations. Luckily, our fractional CFOs are experts in financial analysis and will provide insights that will help drive enterprise value, leading to growth and sustainable long-term success. They will also ensure your company adheres to all relevant financial laws and regulations in California.

Strategic Guidance and Financial Forecast

Our fractional CFOs will help you prepare long-term financial forecasts and offer guidance on the best way to achieve your goals without messing up your finances. Typically, this involves a review of past performance, analysis of the present, and foresight on what happens next. This is vital for clarifying your business plans and aligning your strategic initiatives to suit your financial capacity.

Overall Business Performance Evaluation

Our fractional CFOs help organizations keep track of their overall performance through annual budgeting, profitability analysis, cost structure review, tracking KPIs, and cash flow forecasting, among other functions. This provides the executive with a clear picture of the current state of the business, risks being faced, and available opportunities that can be seized for the company's success.

Investor Relations

As a growing business, you need to make your business more attractive to investors, especially when you need to source capital and establish networks that will propel your growth. To do this, you need to have finances under check, and this calls for an effective financial strategy that can only be provided by a competent CFO.

If you’d like more information about our CFO Services , get in touch today.

Why Work With Our Fractional CFOs

Helping Small Businesses Succeed is in our DNA

Since our establishment in 2016, our focus has been on helping small and growing businesses succeed. It gets better as we are entrepreneurs at heart and understand the challenges that most early-stage and maturing companies go through. So, for us, each business we partner with presents an opportunity for us to offer top-tier executive support that will free you up to focus on what you do best, which is running a business without worrying about your financials.

Top-Notch Financial Expertise

Our fractional CFOs are seasoned experts with mastery of what it takes to help companies scale up through proper financial oversight, planning, and analysis. Our focus will be on setting up, running, and maintaining suitable financial systems and practices that benefit every aspect of your business for stable and sustainable growth.

We Work As A Team


We have a unique team approach for managing our clients and by retaining our outsourced services you be gaining from an entire team's knowledge and experience. This way, we are confident of providing your business with real competitive advantage as we charter the path to sustainable financial gains.

We Do It All On A Budget

As a growth-oriented company, you need more than the input of your bookkeeping and accounting team for a profitable and stable future. It is here that our comprehensive and cost-effective CFO services come in handy by allowing you to bring on board a high-value executive without making the mistake of hiring a full time CFO too soon.

Lara is my version of a financial super hero! She has helped our executive team completely understand the financial health of our small business and continues to work with us to develop budgets and forecasts so that we can grow intelligently. She was able to transform our previously antiquated record keeping method on schedule and within budget. She is conscientious, pleasant and professional in everything she does. I cannot sing her praises loudly enough. Thank you Lara!"

— M.W., Transportation Management

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In today's landscape, organizations can only attain success by knowing when they require assistance, and one way to address the unique needs of your industry or sector is by hiring a qualified CFO. At L.A. Financial Management, we have it easier to achieve this by giving you access to a part-time CFO to manage your financials as you focus on other critical aspects of your business operations.

Get the financial guidance and advisory solutions your business needs for better profit and sustainable growth. Contact us today, and let's discuss how best we can help you build a better future.

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