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“Why is cloud accounting right for my business?”

Updated: Feb 11

 Easy access to real-time data – no more restoring backups, locking the data for the accountant’s copy sync or waiting to get the file from your accounting staff. The data can be accessed anytime, anywhere you have an internet connection and Chrome browser.

 Automatic back-up to the cloud – no more forgetting to back up your company file, paying fees for back-up storage, or that sinking feeling in your stomach when your computer crashes or you lose your laptop!

 Flexibility – QBO can be customized for almost any industry. We understand how QBO works and “thinks” on the back-end so we can set it up to be customized to meet nearly any business’ needs.

 There’s an app for that! Believe it or not, these days there’s an application out there for almost anything. QBO serves as an accounting system platform that tracks all those “debits and credits” you heard about from that dreaded accounting class. Honestly, as a stand-alone application, it is not überpowerful. But depending on your businesses needs, more often than not there is an app that securely links to QBO that will that help you do what it is you need it to do.

Check out the QuickBooks App Store here!

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