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Choose Joy! KanMari Your Life as a Business Owner

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

Choose Joy!

I love the idea of KonMari. What are your thoughts on the new trend? New trend? Is it really a new trend? I can think back to my grandmother’s way of keeping her house and I’m pretty sure she invented KonMari. Maybe it’s that we’ve become more disorganized, and full of “things” because the world moves so much faster than it did 20 or 30 years ago.

While KonMari’ing your physical space and in turn your mental space, we can probably take this a step further than just your home. Think about this outside of your home life as a business owner.

  1. Paper! How much paper is on your desk? How many pieces of mail/mailers do you receive on a daily basis? Paper bills? Client checks?

  2. Cash? I’m actually referring to your bank account balance. Does the thought of your cash flow, your bank or credit card balance stress you out?

  3. Taxes! Fees! Forms! Every year you get that unexpected notice… “you owe the State $800” or “Your city business license fee is due.”

  4. Audits! Guess what? Your workers comp audit is next month.

  5. Emails, emails, emails – how many email addresses do you even have? How many random advertisements do you receive per day? You try to filter through each day, delete, delete, keep, respond, do, file away.

Now maybe you’ve KonMari’d your operations, your employees are at full capacity, they work together as a team, they trust each other, and they trust you. But you head into your office, shut the door, and then the stress hits. Paperwork is piled up, every day you are checking your account online for income deposits and then outgoing bills and checks clearing the account. You try to remind yourself of your credit card due date and then quickly project if you’ll have the cash to pay it off this month. You quickly push to the back of your mind because you have a company to run but it’s still there, a stressor.

Now imagine KonMari'ing your financial back-office operations. What does that mean? You’re the business owner, you can’t imagine giving your financial stress to someone else. It is after all your business…but what if your primary concern was to run your business, to truly be the CEO? Each week you hand your financial administration to your controller or CFO and she handles it. She warns when cash balances are low. She projects cash balances and tells you that this month you can only pay the minimum payment on the credit card, and then she pays it for you. She analyzes your financials and tells you that revenues are up but accounts receivable collections are slowing and you’re incurring finance charges as a result. She then projects that with the contracts you have recently won, you can pay that credit card balance off in two months and give yourself a slight raise as a result. You have clear visibility of what your financial year looks like and you know your first estimated tax payment is due soon and you already have the funds set aside in a separate account for transfer. You’ve got this…because you have the help of an expert that does this day in and day out. And guess what else? She wants to see you and your business succeed! Imagine that your financial operations are organized, and the data is at your fingertips to empower you to make the best decisions and to calculate your risks accordingly. You feel motivated by your financials instead of hindered by your fear of the unknown.

Check out Marie Kondo’s Top 5 Productivity Tips . KonMari your finances and your business with us. We’re here for you and we want you to succeed!

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