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Creativity is Key: But Stick To Your Values

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

If the latest pandemic has taught us anything about business, it’s that we never know how tomorrow will impact our livelihood. But, it’s also a lesson in positivity and creativity. We’ve watched how businesses have handled the cards they were dealt, and we can all learn a lot. Here are some things that we have learned, and some tips for staying creative with your business when the landscape changes.

1. Keep focused on your mission and your values.

Your mission and values have made your organization the success it is today. Don’t stray from them but find new ways to engage them and follow through with them. Your vision is needed now more than ever. You have to find a way to do what you do best in a new and safe way for all.

2. Don’t be afraid to fail.

Be nimble. Don’t be afraid of change or failure. Now is the time when your stakeholders will provide you with the most grace. Offer others grace. Try out new ideas quickly, and if they don’t work, try something new. Younger businesses tend to call this being “innovative” or “dynamic.” We call it “fearless.” Be fearless.

3. Look around.

Sometimes looking around at others can be quite beneficial. Look at others in (and out of) your industry and take note of what you think they are doing well and maybe how that can be translated into your business. Team up with others that are facing some of the same problems as you and look for solutions together. Join social media groups for your industry and interact. Ask questions and provide answers. Just by taking a few recent CPE sessions, we’ve learned so much about new platforms and applications that others are using to continue to fulfill the goals of their businesses.

4. Make an is/isn’t list.

This is as simple as it sounds: what is profitable and sustainable and what isn’t? What is marketing and what isn’t? This can be a big messy list on poster board paper. Your list of products or services that are profitable: how can you add to these? Can you streamline your processes? Find ways to make them more profitable? Your list of products or services that aren’t profitable: is there a creative way to make them profitable? Or does it make sense to pause these products/services and put your energy where you can be profitable right now? Can they be re-invented or replaced? Keep your team’s strengths top of mind in your analysis. Ask them for help!

Don’t stop what you’re doing, just find a new way to do it!

Over the past few weeks, we’ve learned about the following innovations that have kept businesses moving in new and exciting ways:

  • Many non-profit galas are being postponed or canceled. Don’t cancel. Try to engage the attention of a celebrity to help with your cause. By combining Zoom and Looped your MC can engage one-on-one with your audience.

  • Need to monetize a Zoom? Check this blog out. Using Zapier and Paypal, you can stop offering content for free and start collecting revenues!

We’d love to hear what’s working for you right now! Comment below! If you’d like to engage with us for some help with your business, you can get in contact with us on our website!

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